Autumn Romance L 008/30/09

autumn romance

Autumn Romance


You will simply fall in love with the Autumn Romance crystal chandelier because of its unique design. With its color combination, it resembles beautiful falling leaves. The moment you turn on this chandelier and the individual leaves are caressed by a beam of light, the whole interior gets the color of autumn full of sun and a pleasant atmosphere.

Autumn Romance L 008/30/09
Autumn Romance L 008/30/09

The Autumn Romance chandelier consists of 31 handmade leaves. This is one of the reasons why the components used in Czech crystal have different sizes, specific shapes and colors. Just like in nature. The individual crystal parts are hung on thin steel cables, which do not disturb the real idea of falling leaves. The upper metal part of the chandelier has built-in LED lighting, which illuminates the individual leaves beautifully.

The crystal chandelier Crystal Romance belongs to the FRESH FROM ELITE collection. Its fresh design fits perfectly into a modern interior.


Thanks to its dimensions of 36 x 75 cm and weight of 7 kg, handling it without major difficulties.

Autumn Romance L 008/30/09

Crystal chandelier Autumn Romance

Crystal chandelier Autumn Romance
= L 008/30/09

Height: 75 cm
Widht: 36 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Number and type of bulbs:
30xLED-cw/0.22 W

Autumn Romance L 008/30/09
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