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crystal frame

CRYSTAL FRAME is a luxurious chandelier made of Czech crystal, which will literally enchant you with its perfect and unmissable brilliance. It consists of richly inset crystal trimmings.


The unique design of the chandelier from trimmings consists of a light construction made of polished chrome in the shape of a square, on which a total of 122 chains from machine-cut heads are hung. The length of each chain is 27 cm. The luxury chandelier is illuminated inside with a total of 16 bulbs E14.

Luxury chandelier made of Czech crystal CRYSTAL FRAME = L 007/16/05 N

The Crystal Frame chandelier is the perfect choice for your living room or bedroom.
This dominant will brighten up your home perfectly. With its dimensions of 50 x 30 cm
and a weight of 20 kg is handling this unique chandelier without major difficulties.

Height: 30 cm
Width: 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Number and type of bulbs: 16xE14/40 W

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