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crystal vane

Crystal Vane

The crystal chandelier CRYSTAL VANE belongs to the collection ORIGINAL CLASSICS. Its original design consists of 8-12 unique hand-twisted arms, which resemble a vane in appearance and arrangement.

Another uniqueness of the chandelier is the large lower bowl. It is usually used for larger types of chandeliers. Individual components and decorative elements were created by a combination of machine and hand-crafted cutting.


The chandelier is made of Czech crystal of the highest quality, which is why its brilliance is unmissable. It is available in gold and silver variants.

The crystal chandelier CRYSTAL VANE is intended for everyone who is looking for a compromise between a classic chandelier and a unique design.

Crystal chandeliers Crystal vane


L 175/8/02 pb

Diameter: 71 cm
Height: 51 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Number and type of bulbs: 8xE14/40W


L 175/12/02

Diameter: 69 cm
Height: 66 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Number and type of bulbs: 12xE14/40W

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