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The crystal chandelier Magnificence impresses with its original design. Its origin was inspired by the Baroque, which is characterized by decoration, richness and grandeur.

The appearance of the chandelier consists of a total of 18 arms in two sizes, which were specially designed for this chandelier. The arms are decorated with a total of 492 decorative trimmings made of Czech crystal. Each arm is finished with a special shape of cut tulip, which is decorated with traditional Czech decor. The individual arms are interconnected by 18 crystal chains.

The chandelier Magnificence is also decorated with hand-cut bells decorated with a traditional decor, which is very popular. The chandelier can be made with gold and silver metal accessories.

With its magnificent appearance, the crystal chandelier Magnificence perfectly complements the spacious interior of entrance halls, hotel lobbies, stylish castles or churches.

Magnificence L 840/12+6/19

Crystal chandelier Magnificence


Crystal chandelier Magnificence
L 840/12+6/19

Diameter: 112 cm
Height: 116 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Number and type of bulbs: 18xE14/40 W

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