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Jirka Krišica: A vision and inspiration for a new era at ELITE BOHEMIA

Jirka Krišica, a young Czech designer, who is known for his ability to combine traditional materials with modern technologies, began cooperating with our family company in May of this year. Throughout his professional career, he has created successful products, which have garnered significant responses in the area of light design, among both professionals and the lay public. He has recently extended his activities to product design and begun

cooperating with a variety of companies both at home and abroad. We are happy that he has

also chosen to cooperate with us.

He was born and grew up in the heart of the Czech glass industry, in a region where glass is more than just a material; it is both a culture and an art form. His first steps in the world of

design were motivated not only by his family tradition, but also by his personal curiosity and his desire to find out how far he could take his designs. His studies at the glass secondary school in Železný Brod and later at the Czech Technical University in Prague provided him with a firm foundation which he has subsequently expanded during his travels and work on international projects.

His approach to design is completely unique. Jirka is able to combine functionality with an aesthetic in such a way so that the resulting product fulfils its purpose, but is also visually attractive. His fascination with the optical properties of glass and its interactions with light have enabled him to create designs that are technically thought-out, yet also have a soul.

ELITE BOHEMIA is a traditional Czech producer of luxury lighting and we have chosen Jirka

not only due to his professional skills, but also for his ability to perceive and respond to the latest trends in design. Our company is known for its classic light fittings and we are planning under Jirka’s guidance to revive our portfolio and add the latest and most innovative products that will attract both traditional and new clients.

And how is Jirka looking forward to working at our company? “I want to shift the boundaries of classic, traditional light fittings with humility, while also bringing a new perspective to the designs for this segment. Thanks to my experience, I will gradually proceed in building the area of designer light fittings that we will prepare with ELITE BOHEMIA so that they are made to measure for our customers. My vision includes the development of product lines that will reflect the current requirements for design and functionality, but at the same time will remain faithful to the quality and tradition that is characteristic for ELITE BOHEMIA.”

In addition to working on new projects, Jirka also wants to focus on sustainability and

innovations in material technology, which are areas that are currently becoming increasingly important.

Jirka Krišica is more than just a designer. He is a visionary who understands the depth and breadth of his field. His work is characterised by a search for new pathways, the courage to experiment and the ability to foresee changes in the world of design. We are sure that he will find room to realise his ideas and concepts at our company, which will lead to the further flourishing of our brand.

photography and visualization - Sans Souci


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