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The lighting WATER FLOWER belongs to the Fresh from Elite series, which stands out with its innovative and youthful concept of traditional crystal lightings.

The creation of the design was inspired by water, which represents one of the basic components of the Earth. Based on this idea, a lighting was created in which the gaseous and solid states of water intertwine in an artistic way.

The uniqueness of the chandelier lies in the unique 3D shape of the crystal arms. Unlike traditional lightings, the arms are three-dimensional. The length, height and width can be measured for each of them. 


The bowls of the chandelier WATER FLOWER are also original. They have the shape of delicate petals. The surface is decorated with air bubbles, which represent the dynamic force of gushing water. The perimeter of the bowls is decorated with hand-applied gold.

The unique design of the chandelier WATER FLOWER will perfectly lighten up your living room or for example a bedroom.

Crystal chandelier WATER FLOWER 


Water Flower /10+4/39

Colour: Crystal + gold
Diameter: 75 cm
Height: 52 cm
Weight: 10,5 kg
Number and type of bulbs: 10xE14/40W, 4xG4

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